Here you find links for buying tickets to Berserkr Gravel 2021.
You will find the price is the same for all 3 challenges, as the service we provide is identical. 

Awesome routes.

Live Tracking.

Snacks and drinks before the start.

Drop Bag half way.

Burger and drinks at the finish.

Emergency Transport Service.

  • Berserkr Einherjar SOLO (EARLY BIRD)
  • 95
  • 699,- DKK
  • Berserkr Holmgang DUO (EARLY BIRD)
  • 95
  • 699,- DKK
  • Berserkr Hurstwic RAID PARTY 3-6 prs (EARLY BIRD)
  • 80
  • 599,- DKK